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Formula 1

What's unsettling Vettel?

What's affecting Sebastian Vettel? Jennie Gow and Maurice Hamilton discuss what's making the Ferrari driver feel uneasy.


The Pit Stop: Should Perez have been punished?

Jennie Gow and Maurice Hamilton tackle your questions on Sergio Perez, Vettel's performance and blue flags.


Is Verstappen finally the real deal?

Jennie Gow and Maurice Hamilton discuss whether Red Bull driver Max Verstappen has finally turned a corner and improved on the track.


Should blue flags remain in F1

Jennie Gow and Maurice Hamilton discuss whether or not blue flags should stay in F1.


Top Headlines

Singapore Grand Prix


Talking points: Does Ferrari need to review its race operation?

Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari come under scrutiny from our panel of journalists, but blue flags, Sergio Perez's temper and Mercedes' young driver programme are also up for debate...

Radio Ga Ga: 'He really wants me to crash?'

A round-up of the best radio soundbites from the Singapore Grand Prix, after Sebastian Vettel's championship took a turn for the worse and the subject blue flags made a number of drivers see red.


Vettel should be on the cusp of a fifth world title

A recalculation of how 2018 would look for Sebastian Vettel without the numerous errors which have handed the advantage to title rival Lewis Hamilton.

Hamilton: I'm proud of not making errors like Vettel

Lewis Hamilton says his healthy lead of the championship is a reward for not putting himself in the same problematic positions Sebastian Vettel has found himself in this year.

Singapore Grand Prix


How did it go so wrong for Ferrari in Singapore?

A closer look at how Ferrari's race weekend unravelled in Singapore while Mercedes went from strength to strength.

The championship permutations after Hamilton's win

What Sebastian Vettel has to do to keep his destiny in his own hands after Lewis Hamilton's Singapore GP victory.

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