Summer of LeBron: Everything to know for Decision 3.0

How the Rockets can get LeBron (2:22)

Tom Penn crunches the Rockets' roster and contracts to figure out a way to get LeBron James in Houston. (2:22)

For the third time in his 15-year NBA career, the offseason revolves around LeBron James. Here's everything you need to know about The Decision 3.0.

Courting the King ... with 30 billboards

With billboards popping up around the country to court LeBron James, we asked 30 artists with ties to each NBA city to imagine every team's pitch to LeBron in free agency.

Destination LeBron: Fits for the King

LeBron James is set to be a free agent, and his decision on where to play next season could shake up the NBA once again. So where will the King find his throne? We look at the most likely options.

Rocket plan? How Houston trades for LeBron

What would have to happen for LeBron to join James Harden and Chris Paul? Kevin Pelton looks how Houston might build the league's next West juggernaut.

What LeBron's exit would mean for Cleveland

Dramatic moves brought Cleveland a championship in 2016. Now they might bring on the pain. Zach Lowe envisions what The Land would become without its king.

With LeBron, anything is possible

Stay with the Cavs, force a trade, team up with other stars: LeBron has lots of options this summer. Brian Windhorst puts them all on the table.

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Could CP3 successfully recruit LeBron to Rockets?

Jalen Rose says he loves the possibility of LeBron James joining forces with Chris Paul and James Harden to take on the Warriors in the West.


Jalen agrees with Shaq: 'I don't want to see mercenary LeBron'

Jalen Rose backs Shaquille O'Neal and says he doesn't want to see LeBron James chasing rings late in his career but Mike Greenberg disagrees.


How Bronny factors into LeBron's free agency decision

Gary Payton shares with The Jump crew how LeBron James' next free agency move will impact his son's promising NBA career.


LeBron looking for next superteam?

Rachel Nichols reviews the biggest storylines of the NBA offseason, from the coaching carousel to LeBron James' looming free-agency decision.


The compelling cases for 'LABron'

Speculation swirls that LeBron James could end up with either Los Angeles team this summer in a decision that might be equal parts basketball and branding.